Xbox One unboxing – headset included with all versions

Update – this year will become a monumental year for that console industry. The new generations of Xbox and Playstation, are due for being released inside weeks of each other. Both are vying for our consideration and hard-earned cash, unlike the last generation, Sony with the Playstation 4 have put a less expensive price together in contrast to that xbox one, which amazed everyone at E3 in june. But latest news announced by Microsoft proves that the xbox one features kinect and a headset, proving that xbox ones extra cost is actually for added extras. Continue reading

What are the best in-ear bluetooth earphones?

Think if you will, a pleasing trip in the shops on the balmy summer’s day. This is not a pressure packed, hunger-motivated jaunt to that local supermarket followed with the bitter finding the bastards have set their prices up AGAIN…I said this was a nice journey. You head out into the nice and cozy, dazzling summer time afternoon searching for milk, some eggs and perhaps just a little treat for yourself. You slide your iPod from the pouch and…and…Wait a moment, the cables all scrambled up. Continue reading

What Headsets is best for noise reducing?)

We have all been there, on that hectic train filled with noisy, drunken individuals either going to, or returning from, some loud, drunken place. All you want is that rest and a cup of tea, but all they need is to create a massive racket.

…Or what of the early dawn hike to the office on a calm summer’s day? A journey which was very pleasant until the concussive blast of road works devastated your calm and broke your mood.

…Or even it is a crowded passenger jet, having a screaming baby crying out for Who-knows-what as you try to grab a doze on the plane (there’s a point coming, albeit slowly)… Continue reading

Folks make assumptions on what songs you listen to based on your outfits and earphones

Lately, it appears every person walking the streets listening to music on their earphones, what music? We do not recognize. We think we know. Would the punk rocker at the rear of that coach secretly jamming to Britney Spears? Or may be the tracksuit-bottomed, highlight-headed girl awaiting her friends, actually moshing out with Black Flag? The pinstripe power outfit on the train might be a huge Public Enemy fanatic or the local ASBO could be a jazz fan with a liking for Coltrane’s sax performance. Continue reading